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I would like to receive an e-mail every time someone sends me a Facebook message. I would like to spend less time on Facebook, but I don't want to miss the messages send to me.

I have checked the notifications tab in settings, and there are a lot of actions I can receive notifications for, save receiving a Facebook message. I know this was possible in the past, or even default, but I can't manage to turn it back on. I simply cannot find it in the settings.

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Login into Facebook. Click on the little gear on the top right to get the dropdown menu and choose "Account Settings".


Then on the left menu, choose "Notifications".

To the right of Email, choose "Edit" and the Email options page will load and you can change your email notifications, including Facebook messages.

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The above instructions are no longer valid as the selection is no longer there. I am pretty adept at managing FB notifications and privacy, and I too cannot find the option anywhere. the the email notification for private messaging is no longer available or buried so deep it's not easily accessible. – user63908 Mar 21 '14 at 19:59

Most of the answers suggested using the Report a Problem tool, but after submitting that form it said they don't guarantee a response, which pretty much meant it's not a support option and I'm still on my own. Then I found a help page that seemed relevant:

I don't receive notifications for new messages.

If you aren't getting notifications when you receive a new message, please let us know.

And the let us know portion linked to the page that says:


Missing Notifications

If you aren't getting message notifications, you've come to the right place. Please use this form to tell us more.

Here's the address: facebook.com/help/contact/230396490410489

After submitting I got a popup box saying they'll get back to me.

Until I can personally confirm that it worked, this is an option.

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Next time it would be better to wait until you're confident either way of the outcome before posting an answer, otherwise it may be flagged as a non-answer and deleted – Eight Days of Malaise Jul 1 at 13:52

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