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My Aunt is on a committee for an hobby organisation which has a roster of 285 members. Her responsibility is to keep this roster up-to-date and to send out our newsletters and event notices to all these members.
Right now she has 10 distribution lists are set up in Yahoo. Sometimes Yahoo thinks that she is sending out spam so by the time she reaches the 7th distribution list, Yahoo prevents her from completing her task.
Sometimes she has to wait until the next day, or she manages to get around the problem by breaking down the remaining lists into smaller ones.
Needless to say, it is a pain in the neck for her.

I'm tempted to tell her to open a GMail account, but could she send email to 285 people from there or would that have the same restrictions?

Is there an easier solution for this that could be handled by someone not-especially-technical?

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Yahoo Groups. Or Google Groups. Or similar services. –  Al E. May 1 '13 at 12:59

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the answer is Mail Chimp, or the like

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