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If I is the web interface in Google Docs to copy MyFile.txt into a G Folder that already has MyFile.txt what happens in these scenarios?

  • The file contents are the same
  • The file contents are different and the destination is older


I have a bunch of files in Folder1 that I want to copy to Folder2 but there may be some duplicates, so I want to do it in the web interface b/c I think it'll update all the local copies faster than if I do it on a local copy, have the server update, and then have the 3 or so PCs update their local copies.

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Have you considered just testing it yourself? Create a couple of folders and some dummy files and try it. – Al E. May 1 '13 at 19:29

From a simple test, Gdrive just replaced both files.

So it would appear that Google Drive does not do any checking for duplicate filenames existing on the destination.

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