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I want to leave the Astrid todo manager and move to google tasks. How do I migrate my tasks out of Astrid and into Google tasks?

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Install the android app Gtasks before uninstalling Astrid. This app will ask if you want to import astrid tasks. Answer Yes and you are done ! GTasks syncs with Google tasks and your calendar. Took only 5 minutes to setup.

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From http://weloveastrid.com/help-user-guide-astrid-v3/backups-sync/:

[Sync To] Google Tasks [In Astrid]:

Press Log In & Synchronize to and select the Google account you’d like to sync with.

  • Status: Displays whether you are syncing with Google Tasks and whether a sync was successful. It also provides useful stats such as when you last synced your phone.
  • Background Sync: Set up the interval at which the phone should perform an automatic sync. You can have intervals as short as every fifteen minutes or as long as every week.
  • Sync on Save: Option to sync individual tasks are they are saved on your phone.
  • Log Out: If you no longer want to sync to Google Tasks, simply log out.

This should get everything into Google Tasks before Yahoo! shuts Astrid down.

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