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I'm looking for a website where I can create and share my playlist, and browse others playlist.

Please post your recommendations...

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You can view the playlists that our members have created and purchase them from iTunes. Once you have uploaded a playlist you will have access to those songs and ringtones for both the artist and song.

Notes: Has not been updated in a while. But going back to pages 9,10 you will see there are some nice playlists.



Easily turn your iTunes Library and iTunes playlists into Spotify playlists,

The tool checks for available tracks on Spotify Instantly get your Spotify playlist

Notes: 2105 playlists counting directory with 83922 tracks browsing via Spotify



GetPlaylists.com is a site where you can share playlists with others and download any playlist with a single click. GetPlaylists is used to share playlists and integrates with iTunes and Windows Media Player so you can download and share playlists with the click of a mouse.

Notes: Additional desktop software needed for upload

My personal opinion is to go with Playlistfy assuming you have access to Spotify.

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Thank you... let me check! – CoderHawk Jul 22 '10 at 10:47


not only can you import it from various (10+) sources such as iTunes, but this is what you get in return:

  1. An online representation of your playlist.
  2. Play directly from the site
  3. Embed a playable widget on any site5.
  4. Add a playable tab with your playlist to your facebook profile
  5. Share on twitter via the ultrashort url pli.st
  6. Open the playlist in Spotify
  7. Open the playlist in Last.fm
  8. Get similar playlists to the one you uploaded.
  9. Add the official bands artists twitter accounts as a list to your twitter.

so check it out at http://Playlistify.org

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I have been using sonicswap.com which takes your playlist online, shares socially and also you can take it to your blog.

When you choose to play any songs online from your playlist, sonicswap integrates with youtube and the song from youtube is played.

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