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So I want to sort my Spreadsheet on Google but it remain in the Categories that it's laid out. I can get to it sort double columns but the categories get messed up as they move away from where they should be. I'm constantly adding to this document and want the additions to auto sort into their needed locations.

This the document, so you can get the idea of what I'm looking for.

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Use the SORT function:

SORT(data, keyColumn_1, ascOrDesc_1, keyColumn_2, ascOrDesc_2, ..., keyColumn_30, ascOrDesc_30)

Returns the rows in the given data range (or array), sorted according to the given key columns. There are two ways to specify the key column: either as a column within the data range, or as another column outside the range. To specify a column within the data range, give its index within the range: 1 is the first column of the range, 2 is the second column, etc. To specify another column outside the range (e.g. an intermediate calculated value that you don't want to include in your output), just specify it as a range. Each key column must also be marked to sort either ascending or descending, by adding either TRUE or FALSE after that specifying that key column. You can also specify only a single array or range. In that case, the function returns that range sorted ascending by the columns from left to right.

In your case, it'd be something like =SORT(A2:E13,1,True).

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Only problem with the Sort function, as I've tried this, is that the divided categories get scrambled into the mix. My idea was something like this (pseudocode time) On Edit Move Entry to X category based on Y Values Sort X Category by First letter –  Skyler Burgess May 15 '13 at 13:34

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