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What web app features, qualities and standards should we check for before signing up to a web app?

Such as data portability requirements, how well our data is backed up, how accessible our data is, etc.

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Check the website's reviews on sites like WOT and SiteAdvisor. Not only will they tell you whether people recommend a webapp, they will also give you a rough idea of how popular it is.

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WOT doesn't show up in English on my browser. +1 for SiteAdvisor, it will even tell you how many emails you can expect to get from the website. –  Senseful Jul 25 '10 at 3:27

We should check:

  • that the webapp will be usable for us on all of our main platforms (eg mobile, desktop, internet browser without access to any desktop client)
  • that our data will be exportable in one form or another
  • that our data on the app is backed up often (>once a day) and not in the same location
  • and that the web app is well supported enough that it will not shut-down a few months after you start using it.
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