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I uploaded a video to YouTube which has become moderately viral. Unfortunately part of this experience has involved filing copyright infringement notifications with various video sites all over the internet. Somewhat surprisingly I have had the most difficulty with figuring out how to file notices with the various MSN brands: uk.msn.com br.msn.com ca.msn.com mx.msn.com xin.msn.com in.msn.com etc.

Is there a single form or email address that can be used to file copyright infringement notifications across all of the MSN sites?

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Apparently Microsoft considers MSN to be a service. When I read the fine print on the notices of infringement page for Microsoft services MSN is listed:

This form is for reporting copyright or trademark infringements for any Microsoft service, such as MSN, Hotmail, Windows Live, Windows Azure, SkyDrive, Zune, Messenger or Xbox. This form is not for reporting infringements relating to Search or Applications.

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