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I set up my Venmo account with Facebook a while ago, and it successfully imported my Facebook profile picture to be my Venmo profile picture. I have since updated my Facebook profile picture, but my Venmo profile picture remains the same. The accounts are still connected.

Is it possible to update my Venmo profile picture automatically from Facebook without having to manually upload the picture?

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At this time, Venmo does not update your Venmo profile picture when you update your Facebook profile picture, but you can manually change your profile picture using the link below:


Don't hesitate to send me an email if you have any other questions regarding your Venmo account. Email me at support@venmo.com or send us a tweet @venmosupport.

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No. Many Facebook profile connections only pull information from Facebook on a need basis, e.g. when it needs to access your list of friends. Venmo must be one of them.

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If updating the photo manually through Venmo settings as described by Adames, the photo cannot be a PNG file. JPEG files work.

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