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Dear lord it's ugly. The sponsored box, people I know box, not to mention like a dozen other things that I don't use. Has someone "skinned" it with GreaseMonkey? Or actually built an app that just pulls their API and makes it prettier?

No desktop apps (like skype 5.0 please).

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If you are looking to restyle it, the browser extension 'Stylish' (available for Chrome and Firefox, possibly more), is probably your best bet.

There are 77 pages of styles with the term Facebook designed to be used with Stylish, available here (which can be applied through Greasemonkey too I believe):


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Stylish will also let you further restyle it either by tweaking any of those skins or adding your own... if you're a little adventurous with CSS. :) – eidylon Jul 21 '10 at 22:01

There are a number of Facebook skins you can use with Greasemonkey. Try out one or two of those, or, if you're Javascript-savvy, look at the source of the script yourself to see if it seems like something you could tweak yourself to your own liking.

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Facebook Purity is a cool browser app that strips out all the irrelevant junk from your facebook homepage such as the boxes you mentioned that you never use, along with a whole load of other stuff. definitely worth checking out.

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From Facebook alternative interface

Facebook.me was bulit with the Graph API from the facebook team.

It is a minimalistic way to view your profile.

alt text

If you an extreme Facebooker this works, you can just direct link to the people you want to see.

The current themes are Rush,PhotoStream and Glide.

I like Rush the best.

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If you are using Chrome there are bunch of extensions to change interface of your facebook. I like the one which removes Ads.

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