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We have been using a few Google Apps offerings at work for a while now (Drive, Sites), and we are using the Single Sign-on feature. For example, to use google docs I start with a link that redirects me to my company's SSO portal, where I log on with my corporate id/password; I'm then redirected back to GDocs/Drive.

Now we are rolling out Gmail & Calendar, so I now have GTalk account with my corporate email address. I'd like to use this GTalk account with Adium, but there's no way to specify SSO signon; using my corporate ID & password in the Adium Gtalk account settings does not work. Is there any way to use Adium, or iChat, with Gtalk and SSO?

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Excellent question! This would be more suitable for our sister site Web Applications, so I'm going to migrate it there for you. My employer is about to move to Google Apps too, so I'm curious to see if there's a way to do this! – nhinkle May 17 '13 at 6:17
Is there any chance you can specify an application-specific password? (I know your SSO isn't quite the same as 2-step verification, but it could have the same solution, assuming Google supports such a thing.) – Bob May 17 '13 at 6:27
Thanks for the idea, Bob. My group won't get GMail for another 2 weeks, so I'll have to test then and post back. For now, I went to the linked page, and it looks like I'll have to enable 2-step verification (which is kind of a pain, as I'm already required to be on VPN which already uses 2SV!). I'll confirm first with helpdesk that 2SV is supported on our GApps accounts. – Jason Clark May 22 '13 at 14:07

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