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This is concerning this question:

old windfinder forecast googlemap

The data from the old wind forecasts probably came from NOAA, and it's available here. The raw data is in the form of GRIB files.

You can do a search for "GRIB Viewer" and find some apps that will work. You can also search for "GRIB KML", and might be able to download grib files in a KML/KMZ format that can be shown on Google Earth or Google Maps.

How can I add this Data to the online Googlemaps, so I can use it like It was presented earlyer by windfinder?

Or is this only possible in google-earth?

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You should be able to do so by adding the wind data as an overlay on google maps. The Google Maps Javascript API v3 - Overlays documentation will definitely help you get started. WXTiles weather overlays looks pretty similar to what you linked to and that's done by adding weather data as a layer. –  batpigandme May 18 '13 at 20:30
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