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I have a separate sheet with some data where a user's input will reference the row number of a sheet. I'm trying to reference that sheet by inserting the column letter and taking a number input from a cell to make up the row #.

I've tried:


where A1 in the current sheet holds a value of 2, thus I want it to obtain


The formula returns #ERROR (error - parse error)

How (if possible) can I reference it in that way?

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Figured it out... took me a while...

INDIRECT() has to wrap the entire reference. In order to achieve what I needed, the formula looked like this:


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If you want to learn more about using Indirect you can check this tutorial: spreadsheetpro.net/… (Jacob put the extra explanation link in this answer's comments) – Javaaaa Jul 28 '13 at 23:30

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