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As of right now, when I run the plugin it is docked at the bottom of my screen on the Windows system bar. I preferred how Talk was docked in gmail. Is there any way to get that behavior back.

NOTE: I do not want to open google plus to do this. I want it either permanently docked in the browser (all tabs) or exclusively in gmail.

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I feel dumb. I found the answer about 5 minutes after posting this. Figured I post.

From the gmail chat interface you can expand the menu and click "try the new hangouts" option and your old gchat interface that you loved will be updated with all the new hangouts love.


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just go to this address -

or on chrome, click on the app launcher with ctrl pressed...

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This does not answer the question. The question is about the Hangouts service (instant messaging), not the Hangouts web chat. I know, it's confusing. – Arturo Torres Sánchez Mar 11 at 22:43

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