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I quite often download multiple files from Google Drive at the same time. However, when I do this, it seems to force me to bundle them in a one .zip file, and download them together, which means I then have to unzip them. It's a minor inconvenience, but something I do many times a day. Is there any way to multi-select files and then download them individually?

I realise Google are somewhat hamstrung by browser features here - perhaps there is a browser plugin that could help (I primarily use Safari, but Chrome/Firefox could also be interesting options).

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This is not doable because of the browser's restrictions since you can't download multiple files in one request and that's why Google (and many other services) is packing multiple files in one zip. I'm not sure if there is any plug-in (I doubt since it's very specific), but what you can do is to install the Google Drive on your computer and all of your files will be always synced, so there is no need to download.

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+1 you can choose which GDrive folders you want synced too, so you could just make a transfer folder as a way of 'downloading' those individual files –  batpigandme May 23 '13 at 10:33

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