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Is there a way to do this without using the menu?

I have seen references to ctrl + space and ctrl + +, but this no longer works (zooms in and out in Google Chrome)

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While it's not directly possible in the current version with its own keystroke, there is another very simple way to accomplish this.

First, be located in the row on which you want to insert a row above or below.

Then do the following (keys are on Mac, so translate as necessary for your OS):

  1. Ctrl + Option + I - invokes the Insert menu
  2. Then hit the R key for Row Above, or the W key again for Row Below

I guess this way may actually be one less keystroke than how it was done before, so that's a win right there!

Alternatively, you can also just use your cursor keys (to me this is easier, even if it's more keystrokes):

  • (down arrow once) for Row Above
  • (down arrow twice) for Row Below
  • Hit (Enter).

Hope this helps!

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What is mean by Option in step 1? –  shylendra Nov 5 '14 at 11:23

For Windows laptop users, the shortcut is to highlight the whole row by pressing Shift+Space (or highlight the whole column by Ctrl+Tab) and press the context-menu key (which is usually located next to the Ctrl key) on your keyboard and then press "Insert 1 Below" / "Insert 1 Above" (or "Insert 1 Left" / "Insert 1 Right" for inserting a column).

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Chrome (Windows, Linux):

ALT+I, then R

IE & Firefox (Windows, Linux):




This will add a row above.

Instead of R you can use...

  • W to add row below
  • C to add column to the left
  • G to add column to the right
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Try this: Ctrl+I then R.

This will insert a new row below.

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On Windows:

Press Alt+b+b This inserts a row below.

Press Alt+b+a This inserts a row above.

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-1; Hi Helper, I tried it but without success. Btw, how can I type the first key combination? –  Jacob Jan Tuinstra May 20 '14 at 9:35
This worked for me, Alt + b, b or Alt + b, a –  mbdavis Nov 16 '14 at 19:13

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