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I deleted a number of items off a long checklist. It is possible for me to retrieve them or is it a case of typing them all in again?

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Unfortunately, according to Trello Help - Archiving and Deleting Cards

There is no way to get a deleted card back. It will not show up in any search results and actions associated with it will by removed from the activity stream.

So it looks like you will have to manually add those items again.

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That link refers to cards, not checklist items, but the answer is the same. Deleted things are gone forever. – Ian Henry May 28 '13 at 19:11
And this is why Trello should implement universal undo. – Iain Hallam Jul 11 '13 at 10:07

You can use this command in the Search box

is:archived list:Done

This should find the deleted task and then you can move it anywhere.

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Sometimes the items on a list are too numerous or complicated to remember. If you have Trello on your phone, you can at least retrieve the old list so you can retype the items on your computer. If the phone is offline it can still retrieve Trello lists it has previously accessed. If you turn off Wifi and Cellular (or put it in flight mode) before opening Trello, it will pull up the last version of the list you used. This will only work for lists you frequently access with your phone (and for the OP the original data will be long gone) but it can be done -- I just retrieved about 60 items with URLs and contact addresses using this trick. To repeat, however, you still have to manually re-enter the items.

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