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I'm searching for a message on or about a particular date and rather than scrolling through my emails to go back about a year, I'd like to know a search method to only find emails from a particular date or date range. How can I do this with Gmail?

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You can use the before and after keywords in your search, for example:

after:2012/4/26 before:2012/5/3

To search for emails between April 26, 2012 and May 3, 2012.

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  1. In the right hand side of the gmail search bar there is a drop-down arrow- click it. gmail search

  2. The drop-down includes a date range option, and you should be all set from there gmail search date

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I put together a redirect for searching just 'back n days' that does the simple (and for me, most common use case)

Writing a search for ‘inbox NOT including today’ is slightly counterintuitive and somewhat of a pain so I put together a custom redirect of my own that brings up the stuff from yesterday:


That redirects you to your inbox with a custom search string, showing only those emails that turned up before today. It’s parameterisable so


takes you back four days and


takes you back ten days

Code, screenshots, and reasoning are all at http://joereddington.com/4008/2014/08/04/gmail-for-yesterdays-jobs/

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