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Example: column A1 is $35.00. I want column B1 to be a percentage markup value dependent on the value in A1 (i.e.: 75%). So if A1 is between $1 and $10, B1 = 75%; if between $11 and $20, B1 = 60% and so on.

How can I achieve this?

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I believe you are looking for a nested if statement. Put this formula in B1 and then drag it down as far as needed...

=IF(AND(A1>1,A1<10), A1*.75,(IF(AND(A1>10,A1<20), A1*.60, (IF(AND(A1>20,A1<30), A1*.50, (IF(test, then_true, otherwise_value))))))

I just did the first 3 iterations. You can continue from there and set the values as needed. Make sure to match left and right parenthesis.

I hope this helps.

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