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Is it possible to add fields to a Google Form which are visible only to specific users (based on their email ID)? Or allow only users whose email IDs fall in a set to fill the fields?

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I would also like to know the answer to this so I'm putting a bounty on it. –  Magpie Mar 27 at 13:43

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Short answer

Google Forms doesn't include a feature to hide questions.


Google Forms could use page navigation to control wich questions will be available for the respondents but it's controlled by multiple choice questions, not by users ID.


Create an specific form for each set of users then send to each of them the corresponding form.


  • Later you could merge the answers of all the forms or you could do it dynamically by using arrays to join/merge non-adjacent ranges.
  • Different Google Forms could send the answers to different sheets of the same spreadsheets.
  • If you decide to use different spreadsheets for each form, you could use IMPORTRANGE() to put in one spreadsheet all the response ranges.


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You can select a range of cells, then go to Tools > Protect Sheet...

Review settings, hit "Set permissions", Select "Custom..." and add the email addresses of the people who you'd like to have access.

It'll make the said sheet/range of cells non-editable for everybody else, still not hidden though.

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The question is about Google Forms, not Google Sheet. –  hadi May 4 at 21:58

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