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One of my accounts got cancelled and I can't sign in to YouTube because it redirects me to the cancelled account page. Also I can't use the YouTube email as my main account.

Is it possible to use one account for YouTube and another account for other Google services?

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Go to your browser's preferences, find "Cookies" and delete all cookies associated with "YouTube". – terdon Jun 9 '13 at 19:25

To use 2 different accounts you can use Cookie Switcher for Chrome or any other cookie extension.
First, sign out of all Google accounts and sign in to the account you want to use YouTube with.

Then, go to YouTube and save that cookie.

enter image description here

Sign out of all Google accounts again and sign in to your default account.

Lastly, go to YouTube, click Cookie Switcher and load the cookie.

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A different answer suggests installing an extension "Cookie Switcher".

If I were you, I would first test whether deleting all of Google's cookies solves the problem. (How to do that will depend on which browser you use.) That is a less "drastic" change than installing an extension. An extension can interfere with the performance and even the security of your browser.

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