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We have a domain registered with Google, and I've created a google group within the domain. We have added several non-domain members to the group.

Now, these folks can receive emails from the group with no problem.

But I notice that only folks who have domain email addresses can view the web-group page - everyone else gets a login page. When they try to access the group, they receive a page like this (it's blank, except for that!):

enter image description here

How can I give access to the web-group page to non-domain members?

later... Well, it's been awhile; I suppose nobody knows the answer.

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Ah, here is how to do it:

In Administration, go to Manage this domain > Google Apps > Setting for Groups for Business > Advanced Setting > Sharing Options

The setting was set to:

Private – No one outside this domain can access groups. Existing external members can only send email to groups.

There is a setting to allow outsiders to see the group.

However, this is global for the domain—there isn't any way (as of this post) to specify this for each group individually. That means that when you enable this setting, outsiders can discover that the group exists even if they can't visit the group. With the setting set to off, no one outside the domain knows that the group exists.

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