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I had a website written in Chinese but works using English PHP language. I wish to translate it to Spanish, but when I try it in Google Translate, it translates the entire file to Spanish, including the English PHP language source code. How can I only translate the Chinese content inside the file?

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Why do you send the source file to GT, not the PHP output? – toscho Jun 13 '13 at 10:26

You need to separate the text you want to translate from the code. Google Translate can't do that for you. It simply tries to translate all of the text given to it.

(How to put your application together so that it's easier to translate the text of it into different languages is beyond the scope of this site.)

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In the box on the left type the web address or drag and drop the address on to the page.

I just did it from English to Chinese for two different websites.

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