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I have a website that helps youth Baseball and Softball teams locate prospective opponents. I am looking for an App that can sort the profiles on the site based on input by a person doing a search.

  1. Members of the site have the following information in their profile:

    1. Zip Code
    2. Category: Baseball or Softball
    3. Age Group i.e., 11, 12 or 13
    4. Skill Level (1-5)
  2. A member of the site wants to ID teams that meet a given set of criteria; Example:

    1. Baseball
    2. Age 12
    3. Skill level : 2 …within 50 miles of Zip Code: 68845
  3. The name of each team that meets the criteria pops up in a list along with a link enabling the person doing the search to click and view their profile page.

I am hoping to ID an app that can do this or get some direction of where to further my search toward finding this app.

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