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So if Microsoft Word uses .docx (formerly .doc), what 'format' is a Google document in?

How does it all work? Does it just use the HTML standard to make up the document on the page you're working on? (And if so what HTML revision is it using - at least currently?)


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Currently as in June 2013? –  pnuts Jun 6 at 3:52
I can't remember why I said 'currently' - but either way I guess the answer should always pertain to 'as of now' and be always updated where possible. –  foregon Jun 6 at 7:45
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Google hasn't made it publicly known what format they store Google Docs in at this time. The closest I can find to anything official is this post:

We do not expose our native formats at this time

Google Docs supports importing and exporting in a range of formats (including docx, odt, pdf and html), however they convert going each way to their internal format.

The Google Docs editor does use HTML and is driven by Javascript, you can read about it in this blog post.

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