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I'd like to find all the Archived cards from a given list. I'm fine with using the web site or using the Trello API.

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2 Answers

This may not currently be possible. Note the limitation here:


"Trello search currently only searches cards and names of boards. It does not currently search checklist items or list names."

You can easily search for archived by just adding 'is:archived' to the search.

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It's possible using the API. See here:


For example, from the Trello dev board:

curl https://api.trello.com/1/lists/4d5ea62fd76aa1136000001d?cards=closed&card_fields=name

(Check out HTTPie for a nicer experience)

To get the id of the list, either use the API or do it the poor man's way: entering something like this in the JS console with the relevant board open:

_.map(ModelCache._cache.List, function(value, key) { return {id: key, name: value.get('name')}; })[0]

That only works because the Trello Dev board is public. To get data from a private board, follow the instructions here:


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