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In column A, I have today's date 18/06/2013 and I want to add 25 days to it, but because I have a list of 100 dates (all different) I need to do the same thing that =DATE(2013,06,18)+25 would do but if you look in Open Office you can do the same thing by running =A1+25 and that gives you the date in 25 days, in Google that does not work.

So, how do I implement something similar in Google Spreadsheets?

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What you're looking for is this formula:


It says:

  • if no date is present in column A then show nothing, else
  • get the separate entities of the date (year, month, day) and add 25

The ARRAYFORMULA will take on complete column ranges. If you have a header in A1, then simply start all ranges like this: A2:A

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Works for me:

enter image description here

The above from new Google Sheets, but the same in old.

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