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I have used HipChat for over a year, but with few demands on it. Lately, my team has started to use the HipChatAPI to publish changes from GitHub to a new chat room. I like this, but would like to not be notified (flashing taskbar, pop-ups, etc.) when this particular room updates. I would still like to see standard notifications on the other rooms.

I scoured both the AIR client and the WebApp options, but didn't see this level of notification granularity. I only found options to disable taskbar/sound/pop-up notifications for ALL rooms.

Does anyone know how to suppress notifications for a particular room?

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There's a topic suggesting this idea here: help.hipchat.com/forums/138883-suggestions/suggestions/… Many people are wanting this, but no word yet if they are planning on implementing it or not. – Doug Johnson Jan 2 '14 at 19:30

When you make the API call, there is a notify option that triggers the notification, which is off by default, so it looks like someone turned it on intentionally.


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