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In, where is the action key / link for "SEND"?

All I now have is a copy of my message in my Drafts folder.

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When you have your draft message open, there should be two links just above the message text, and below the "From:" and "To:" fields: "Continue writing | Delete"

screen shot

You can only send your draft message after you click "Continue writing". Only then will the Send-button appear.

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Thanks for the edit, Al ! – pleinolijf Jun 27 '13 at 14:19

There should be a colored bar at the very top of the window for navigation. From left to right the items should be Outlook, with a little down arrow noting a menu, then Send to the right of the Outlook menu, followed by Insert, Save Draft, Options, and Cancel.

Ctrl+Enter should send it also if that navigation bar at the top is fubar for some reason.

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Double click on the message and you will see the send icon.

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