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There is a weekly podcast / video TWiT http://twit.tv/twit. Language English. Around the next day after pokasta appears transcription, but simply text.

I would like now to get subtitles to a video that would be comfortable to watch. We do subtitles myself, but it turns a long time. Q: And whether the service / site like notabenoid dot com, but not for co-translation and subtitling. What would a few people took a piece and created subtitles for these pieces. After you create can have on notabenoid for translation.

PS Sory for my bad english. This is exactly the reason why I subtitles. :-)

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Think you need to use something like OverStream for general video links. We use Subyo for YouTube though and it seems to do the trick.

In response to your comment - you may have to wait until Mozilla Labs finish this design challenge for collaborative subtitling.

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No. As you create the subtitles, I know. I would like to find a site on which to create subtitles would be no one, and the team. Ie take and split the movie into parts and each makes the subtitles on their part, and then combine into one file. – Mielofon Jul 25 '10 at 15:22

Let me try to translate your request back into Russian meaning and then back into English again:

You want to find a technology and community of people to collaboratively subtitle the public videos, possibly in Russian. And you want it to be a web-application, rather than a standalone application.

There are two avenues of research I can think of: *) Re-purposing Manga transcription site. A lot of people like to subtitle Japanese Manga videos into English and form communities around that. But I don't think you will find big Russian community there

*) A better (but not yet ready fit) is Mozilla's Universal Subtitles project. It is explicitly designed to allow people to subtitle/translate videos and is in an active development phase. You will need to push for Russian community to form around the project, but that would probably be easier than doing it here than on a side of Japanese Manga one.


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