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The incoming mails are received as usual but I’m unable to send mail from Yahoo mail account.

While trying to send any mail from my Yahoo account, I am getting the blank screen. Only thing is the browser address bar shows this address:


What could be the possible reason and how to correct it?

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Try this advice of yahoo: http://help.yahoo.com/kb/index?locale=en_US&page=content&y=PROD_MAIL_ML&id=SLN3569&impressions=false

Cannot reply to, forward, or send emails


The inability to send, reply, or forward emails can be caused by a program on your computer that prevents the Yahoo! Mail Rich Text toolbar from launching properly. As a workaround, try switching to plain text mode when you send an email.

To switch to plain text mode:

Sign in to Yahoo! Mail. Click the Compose button to start a new email. Click the double arrow button (<<) at the right side of the formatting toolbar (just below the email's subject line). This switches you to plain text mode. Compose and send your email.

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I was having this issue with the yahoo mail in chrome.

After a little trial and error I find this is the format works:


I added a custom URL using the chrome "Mailto: 1.26.0" extension. Works great now! When I click on an email link it opens a yahoo mail and the to field is populated correctly.

Hope this helps other people who were struggling with this.

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It may be the internet browser, you are using. I had this problem until I downloaded Google Chrome, once I downloaded Google Chrome I was back in business.

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