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I want to attach a little note on some conversations, for reference/summarization/etc

It is not yet built-in but google is I think collecting enough votes for this feature.

There's a third-party app but I don't want to have to trust/rely on anybody for this.

Is there anything that could achieve the original purpose?

Case in point: I've an order placed and recieved tracking info via email, and I want to add a direct link to the tracking page to that email.

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If you use Google's Task List, you could add the message as a Task and add notes to that.

"Add to Tasks" is under the "More" menu.

"More" menu

It's then added to your tasks, with a convenient link to open the original email message.

Task list

Then you can edit the task and add information to the "Notes" field.

Edit task

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I would just forward the message to myself, adding whatever notes I wanted in the forwarded message.

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Reply to the said conversation, add any notes you want, but do not (ever) hit send.

(This is my solution for the time being, unless someone has a better idea...?)

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