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I have a Google presentation with many slides. I tried FileDownload As → SVG or PNG, but only the first slide was converted. Is there a way to automatically convert all slides to images?

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If you have access to MS PowerPoint, one option is to save the Docs presentation as a .ppt, and then use the Save As option from PowerPoint which does have "all slides" option.

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That's just what I actually did – Erel Segal-Halevi Jun 30 '13 at 16:41

No need to download any additional software if you have Adobe Acrobat, simply...

  1. Save your presentation to pdf: File > Download as > PDF Document (.pdf)
  2. Open the PDF in Acrobat and then: File > Export To > Image > (Choose prefered file format)

It will automatically start creating each slide as its own image inside the directory you have the PDF saved in.

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  1. Install ImageMagick (great open source software)
  2. Save your presentation to pdf: File > Download as... > PDF Document (.pdf)
  3. Convert the pdf to multiple png files using ImageMagick's convert command:

    convert your_presentation.pdf your_slide_%03d.png

Done! :)

This will create one png file per slide, named your_slide_000.png, your_slide_001.png, etc.

If you would like a higher resolution image, just set the -density option. For example, for 300 dpi images:

    convert -density 300 your_presentation.pdf your_slide_%03d.png

The convert command has many other options you can explore (see the documentation). For example, the -trim +repage options crop the images to remove the empty space around your content:

    convert -density 300 -trim +repage your_presentation.pdf your_slide_%03d.png

Note: I had trouble with -trim because for some reason my slide's borders were sometimes white and sometimes transparent. I worked around this issue by making my slides' background transparent in Google Presentation (select all slides, click the "Background..." button, set the color to Transparent). Then my png files were properly trimmed and their background was transparent. If you don't want a transparent background in your png files, you can add -background '#ff0000' -alpha remove just after the -trim +repage option. This will make the background bright red, just replace the color (#ff0000) to any color you like. Another option is to first remove transparency as above, then trim. It works too.

Hope this helps!

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Unfortunately, one at a time is best, as the conversion to PowerPoint re-positions elements. Don't get a surprise!

Ctrl+FD (FileDownload) will make it go a little faster!

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From what I’ve found using Google Slides: if you click File then Download as PNG, they’ll download it as a photo. But you’ll have to do this for each slide.

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