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I have a domain name and have added the Gmail MX records to it. I understand I can use the Send mail as for sending mail and the POP3 for receiving, but I currently don't have a mail server and I would rather just have Google Mail receive my domain emails through an alias.

Is there a way I can have my regular @gmail.com also receive mail from my personal domain?

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If you want to organize all your email in one place, you could try to read emails from other accounts (under settings, accounts -> check mail from other accounts)

For sending email alias, you can do that on the same settings page: send mail as

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as I said, I don't have a pop3 server (no mail server) and I know I can "send mail as" any valid email address that I own. I want my user@gmail.com account to be an Alais of my @domain.com address. But it seems Gmail no longer supports this free of charge. –  Tom Gg Jun 25 '13 at 18:38

No, if you insist on associating Google-provided email with your personal domain, then you have no choice but to use Google Apps -- which, as you correctly pointed out, is no longer free today.

You might consider alternatives such as Microsoft's Outlook.com, or email packages offered by the various web-hosting providers.

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