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Using Firefox, YouTube now uses this poor interface


  1. click the gear
  2. expand quality dropdown
  3. select quality
  4. click gear again to close

Now with Internet Explorer (and Firefox previously)


  1. click the gear
  2. click quality (making a choice will conveniently close menu)

So this new interface has made changing the quality 4 clicks instead of 2. Can I put back the old interface with Firefox? I have tried old Flash versions without luck.

     June 2013  Google breaks interface
     July 2013  Google fixes interface
September 2013  Google breaks interface again
 November 2013  Interface now good for some videos and bad for others
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What version of Firefox is this? Do you have any plugins that might be causing this? –  Andrew Lott Jun 28 '13 at 22:09
Odd - this is how it looks for me in Firefox 22 on Windows 7. Have you made sure you're set up to use the HTML5 video player on YouTube? –  Andrew Lott Jun 29 '13 at 12:38

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