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I have been using LinkedIn for networking and I'm really pleased with how far it's come in searching for and applying for jobs. I also found careerleaf which integrates with LinkedIn surprisingly well.

However, I have opportunities and recruiters outside of the LinkedIn Search and I am hoping someone may know of a web app. (hopefully free) to keep track of names, dates, contact info, stages of the employment process.

This is my first post to Web Apps. I did give this question thought. It is not subjective. I also thought about workplace (as there is some crossover in this question) but I decided to start here as I am seeking a web-based application. Thank you very much any ideas are greatly appreciated!

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Try Trello. You can create progress lists and move single entries from one list to another, keep addresses, links and other data in lists too and combine multiple lists in one board.

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Thanks for introducing me to this app. Trello seems like a great resource for organizing while being malleable enough for my needs although I'm just exploring it now. – Charlie Brown Jul 1 '13 at 19:33
Trello has a lot of room for flexibility. Thanks for introducing me to it. I can see it useful for a number of other things I had on my GTD list. I will vote you up as soon as I have the ability;-) Thanks much. I seem to have stumped all others. – Charlie Brown Jul 18 '13 at 15:22

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