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Hello, I have posted the question on superuser.com, but I was redirected here, so I will ask again.

I'm searching for a (free hosted - would be awesome) wiki to power a large community of NON techy users(~ 5K) - like grandma and grandpa, so I'm asking your advice. I have some candidates (yes:I've already had a look on wikimatrix.org), but I'm eager finding out your oppinion based on your experience. I have tried Wikia, but the searching mechanism doesn't behave as expected.

My requirements, based on their importance:

  • Ease of utilization - WYSIWYG editor mandatory.
  • Public for all
  • Free hosting, ads accepted without messing the layout too much. Comercial products will be ultimately considered too.
  • Forum support (direct or via plugin/extension)
  • Block IP for malicious users
  • File attachments support
  • OpenId support (direct/ plugin)
  • large community - if problems arise, a hand would be useful
  • i18n support

Looking forward reading your answers!

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what's the problem with Wikia's search? Otherwise this would be close to your requirements. – neo Jul 23 '10 at 15:36
It does not search as it should. Eg: I have the text: The Lazy brown fox jumps high, and when I search "lazy" OR "laz" OR "Laz" it returns nothing... – Flueras Bogdan Jul 23 '10 at 15:47

PBWorks is not bad. I've heard a few ppl use Wikidot as well.



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