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A jobboard is not really an app, it's just a list, simply speaking. Anyway, most of these are applications from the implementors view.

  • Which jobboards did you liked and why?
  • Which jobboards did you use and found useful in the past?

Background: I am doing a short report on the internet jobboard landscape at the moment, so links or short answers would be a great help for me! Thanks –

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I'm torn between voting to close and thinking it should be CW. – Rebecca Chernoff Jul 23 '10 at 16:48
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www.craigslist.org? – Eric Petroelje Jul 23 '10 at 17:36
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Jobster has a nice user interface and experience; not sure about its effectiveness.

Stack Overflow Careers rocks :)

LinkedIn has a good jobs section

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Not sure if you'd consider it a job board in the traditional sense, but:


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I have had great success with our state run Department of Workforce Services job board for both finding new jobs and hiring full or part time candidates. They are 100% free and get 10-100 times the job postings that other sites do. Most other states have an equivalent site, which are great resources for both employees and employees.

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