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My library loans out eAudiobooks using the Overdrive service. (As I understand, this vendor is the most popular for libraries to load eBooks and eAudiobooks). They have audiobooks in 2 formats: mp3 and wma. Because wma depends on Windows Media player books in this format can only be played (or transfered to an ipod/iphone/ipad from a computer running Windows). Overdrive has recently updated the website such that it won't even show wma books in the search results on a Mac or iPad. According to customer support this is because it avoids confusion among people who find books they can't play. Of course, I get it so I'd like to use my iPad and Mac to search for wma books even though I know I'll need to switch to a Windows box to actually use the book. I've tried changing the user-agent of my browser (both in Chrome and Safari) but it still doesn't let me see search results with wma books in them. Any other ideas?

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