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I'm working with this Tumblr theme, which displays tags to the side of a post rather than below them. I tweaked how they display a little bit (removing the :hover bit) so that they're always there, but I've run into a separate problem: the tags are difficult to read with my background, and on often run into each other on smaller posts.

To fix this I want to move where they display from the side of the post to below the post, in the "info" section (div id=info, where the source and notes and whatnot display). I tried moving the relevant coding (div id=tags to /div) to the info section, but all it does is make the tags turn invisible. I'm simply not proficient enough in coding to figure out what's going wrong and how to fix it, and it seems like a simple thing for those who have the know-how, so could anyone help?


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