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I have the new Facebook layout with the chat listings on left hand side in a black column. It's giving me the following problems:

  • Now the chat column minimises and I can't see the names or the green status dots.
  • When I press the settings disc it won't operate.
  • It looks terrible as the dark column flickers in and out.
  • I can't see news feed notifications in the top of chat list any more.
  • People don't see me when I'm online.
  • Sometimes the words "chat options" flashes up somewhere but never on the settings disc, and then the actual options box hides in the left corner and I can only guess what I am pressing on.

It is most unsatisfactory. I tried to get back to old version but with no success. This one is actually faulty, because I know I have the chat turned on but it is not showing that way. It briefly did so, for about 10 seconds, and then went back to not showing.

What do I do to fix it? Will a system restore help?

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No, a system restore will probably not help you. It sounds like you've gotten the newest Facebook design rolled out to you. It seems to still be buggy, which is why they still haven't rolled the changes out to everyone.

Facebook's Help section asks that users whose chat bar keeps minimizing to file a bug report.

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