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I'd like to sum up some named values by referring to their names in a separate sheet. Can I do this with a single formula in the second sheet?

Sheet 1:

|  A  | 3 |
|  B  | 5 |
|  C  | 2 |
|  D  | 4 |

Sheet 2:

|  A  |
|  A  |
|  C  |
|  B  | 
| =13 |
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That's possible.


Add the following formula in Sheet2!A5:



  1. the VLOOKUP retrieves the corresponding value
  2. the SIGN returns an array of the same length to that of the VLOOKUP, so that the ARRAYFORMULA works
  3. the IFERROR returns nothing upon error
  4. the ARRAYFORMULA will take on a range, rather than a cell
  5. the SUM sums it up !!


Make sure the ranges are fixed (A1:A4) or place the result of the ARRAYFORMULA somewhere else.


I've prepared an example file for you and added a second column in sheet2, so that you can see what happens. Try replacing an A with an E. Example file: SUM VLOOKUP

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