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Now that Gmail has rolled out tab groupings of my email, I have two (or more) additional places to clear of new messages.

Gmail tabs

Unfortunately, in their tour of the feature, they didn't seem to mention any keyboard shortcuts to use. As well, there isn't any mention in the keyboard shortcut window.

Shortcuts help window

Are there any ways to switch between these tabs without resorting to the mouse?

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~ - move to previous tab (left, looping to far right)

` - move to next tab (right, looping to far left)

Shortcut/arrow annotated Gmail tabs

In a complete accident, I found one of the shortcuts while typing up the question and taking screenshots. I tried to switch Chrome windows with Cmd+` (Mac), but dropped off Cmd too soon. The flip version, was a quick matter of trial and error.


Looks like this is now officially in the keyboard shortcuts help screen. They refer to these not as tabs, but as "inbox sections".

Inbox section switch keyboard shortcuts

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The forward shortcut was not working for me, I discovered the fix is to disable the 'Multiple Inboxes' Lab. – mliqu Jun 15 at 20:40

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