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I have a google form that is collecting archival data for a specific collection. We initially created a "Photo" column/question that allows a link to a photo to be saved with the record. (The photos are all in a sub-directory, but Google doesn't make it easy to get to them!) However, now we discover that we need to link MULTIPLE photos to a single archival entry.

We have three options:

(a) Insert multiple URLs into the Photo field of the form, which unfortunately doesn't seem to work. Any ideas on how this might work? This is definitely the easiest solution.

(b) Create multiple fields (the max number we might think we would need) in the form in order to accommodate multiplte photo URLs (all saved in a sub-directory on Google Drive, btw). This is a relatively easy solution, but actually pretty damn brain-dead. We haven't structured a DB like this since 1982.

(c) The most desirable: Add multiple URLs into a single form field that is linked to the original archival record, and allows each individual URL to be individually accessed.

Any ideas on how to do (c)?

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