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I want to work and watch videos at the same time. For downloaded videos I use Media Player Classic's (bundled with k-lite) compact view that plays on top of all apps.

Is there a Youtube Player (border less) that allows me to watch videos on top of all desktop applications?

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You can download the latest VLC Player (runs on Windows, MacOS, Linux) and then simply paste the YouTube link on VLC window. You can easily find the options to make the window borderless.

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But I still don't know if suggesting desktop apps here is acceptable :) – Lipis Jul 25 '10 at 18:20
Suggesting desktop apps where relevant is brilliant. The sites are different for categorization purposes only, not to prevent good answers from breaking the boundaries. An :upvote: to you, friend. – Dheeraj Bhaskar Apr 15 '14 at 10:16

You can get the Maxthon web browser. It has a feature for detaching flv videos from the main window. Also now Maxthon uses WebKit as the rendering engine.

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This page has a few suggestions. Youtube use to have a pop-out player, in which case you could just use a program like Deskpins to pin the window to be always-on-top.

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you can make the window youtube is playing in always on top using this AutoHotKey script fragment:

^1::Winset, Alwaysontop, , A

which basically says when Ctrl-1 is pressed make the active window always on top.

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You may also use Actual Title Buttons (http://actualtools.com/titlebuttons/). It add new buttons (like always-on-top, transparent, roll up and some others) to the titlebar of all windows. Actual Window Manager (http://actualtools.com/windowmanager/) include this function, and also much more others..

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