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I found new Google Maps slow, useless and pathetic. Is there any way, I can turn them off completely and go back to old, favored old Google Maps? Or is this, as with everything in Google, one way trip?

I found this Google Help text, but it is useless as everything in Google. I have the feeling, that it discuss something completely different, then I see before my own eyes, when using new Google Maps. It says something about "lite indicator" in bottom-right corner. I don't have something like that. And provided links, that should switch new Google Maps engine between WebGL and canvas-based, simply doesn't work. All of them opens new window with annoying advertisment about new maps.

I even tried pasing part of URL, they're talking about (force=canvas) into any URL that my new Google Maps uses. Of course without luck.

So... is there any way, I can get rid of new Google Maps, once and permanently?

I can't find any answer to such simple and obvious question, neither her, nor anywhere in the Internet. I begin to fear, that the answer is simple and obvious: Hell, you can't turn off new Google Maps! :|

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The "New" Google Maps is now the default for everyone. It is entirely possible that the "old" Google Maps will no longer be available in the future. –  Al E. Mar 11 at 20:14
Ah, conjecture. As a comparison, consider Google Images, which still supports the old UI (via query string sout=1, e.g.) many years later. –  reisio Mar 24 at 17:15
@reisio I know perhaps you are making all of these comments tongue-in-cheek, but please be respectful at all times. –  jonsca Mar 25 at 7:59
No, I'm serious. Respectful would be not wasting all our time by disallowing answers and deleting people's comments, but inexplicably (y'know, besides that you want your little badges and numbers to change :p) leaving irrelevant ones. –  reisio Mar 25 at 16:21
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According to this help article:

  1. Go to http://maps.google.com.
  2. Click the Help button (white question mark in a blue circle) at the bottom.
  3. Click Return to classic Google Maps.
  4. Click Yes in the notification bar that appears.
  5. On the landing page that appears, follow the instructions to opt out permanently. Any feedback you could provide as to why you wanted to opt out will be valuable in improving the product for you in the future.
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Thanks! I just found this myself. The only problem was, that I was to hurry, and I was closing browser before "Updating preferences" page was fully loaded. Turns out, that you have to be patient at that. –  trejder Jul 22 '13 at 12:01
I expect that this will be only temporary. They're not going to want to support two codebases forever. –  Al E. Jul 22 '13 at 14:24
I belive, you're right. Then, there'll be: "Google Maps, bye bye, OpenStreet Maps, welcome!". At least for me. –  trejder Jul 27 '13 at 8:18
Here, on 2, the circle is black. And here 5 shows "You have switched back to classic Google Maps for this session. Do you want to make the switch permanent? Yes Dismiss" img9.imageshack.us/img9/4876/cxjd.png. –  user55569 Dec 22 '13 at 18:23
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If there is no option on google maps to revert to old version, you can use this webpage to opt out provided by google.com:


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Of course there is. You have it there yourself, whether you know it or not: output=classic –  reisio Mar 10 at 13:48
yes it is true. i saw your original answer, it has been editied for stackexchangical correctness. it was too wordist. –  prehensile Mar 17 at 23:06
It wasn't truly an answer, but a comment, because this site is dumb and wouldn't allow me to answer. It also wasn't edited, but deleted, because this site is dumber still and wouldn't allow me to answer even in a comment. –  reisio Mar 23 at 15:36
@reisio This site isn't that dumb. Simply, your comments are too often marked by others as rude or offensive or not constructive. Actually, I can't recall any of your posts or comments, that wouldn't be rude or offensive. As a result, automated bots here make their best to keep you away from the site and make your posting and commenting as hard as possible, to further limit your rudeness and offensiveness. I think, this is understable... –  trejder Mar 25 at 6:55
Nah, they're just dumb. :p Your loyalty to "answerers" (nobody really answered you but me, again, but who's counting [oh wait, you guys are :p]) who preceded me is... kind of nice, I guess, though? And oh look, I just got "rewarded" with extra useless points, because stackFOO trusts me so much across their various sites now. :p –  reisio Mar 25 at 16:24
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