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Is there a web application that syncs with Apple notes?

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I am assuming you are referring to Apple Notes on an iOS platform (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

If you are looking for a simple note app, like the built in app, but with syncing, check out:

And if you use Dropbox, check out Cintanotes: http://lifehacker.com/5569027/cintanotes-is-a-tiny-portable-note-manager-with-built+in-dropbox-sync

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Not really. Give Evernote a try. It's got a lot of free capacity, and there are web, osx, windows, iphone, and android apps that support it

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You can sync notes on iPhone/iPad with Gmail if you use IMAP (it will create a label called 'Notes')

If you're currently using the Exchange settings on your iOS device to sync email/calendar/etc, turn off the email option in settings, then add IMAP for email and notes.

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My pick would be for Notational Velocity in conjunction with SimpleNote. SimpleNote is most commonly used with the iPhone app, but you can just sign up for the web app part if you want.

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I wanted to link SimpleNote above to simplenoteapp.com but I don't have the rep to post more than one (one!) hyperlink in an answer... – Simon Jul 7 '10 at 21:38

But what if I want to import my 50+ notes that I already have on my iOS device to this new app/website?

I moved from a Palm device a year ago (with LOTS of "memos") to an iPhone, and managed to get all my notes migrated onto my phone. Now I want them to be automatically synced via the cloud to a website, which would a) back them up more easily than itunes syncing, and b) allow me to edit my notes from my computer rather than just my phone.

So I think it would be helpful if the answer to this question included a way to migrate existing iOS notes to the new app/site. I downloaded the SimpleNote iOS app, and I saw no way (even in the Premium version) to import my existing notes.

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Steve, I'm guessing you are new to Stack Exchange? Answers aren't meant to be used for asking more questions - instead you should start a new question, link back to this one and explaining how your question is different, as you did above – Casebash Jul 13 '10 at 22:56
Got it. When I search Stack Exchange I see some questions that cover overlapping areas, so I was trying to avoid creating a another question with a lot of the same info when we could just refine this one a little, and have all the info in 1 place. But if migrating your notes into a new app/site is not a concern of yours, then I can certainly add another question and link back to this. – Steve K Jul 14 '10 at 0:36
One thing you will notice is that the linked section in the right sidebar now lists your question. So the link is actually bidirectional – Casebash Jul 18 '10 at 8:51

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