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I have a page on facebook (Zdravo detinjstvo). As the "owner" of page admin I could've share everything on it and it was written "on your page". A week ago (I think some new setting were set on facebook....I guess) and I have accidentally delete it (somehow). At first I hide it, then when I've tried to unhide, there was a delete batten....I couldn't find unhide option, so I hit it..... Now I have the following situation: I can only see some shared files on the home wall and when ever I try to share something it says "on a page you manage" and I can't see everything and I want to!!!! Now, I receive on a planet notification, up and right, all the other notifications that has to do with my page, even tough I have post it. I don't know if you understood me, but my question is:"how can I reverse that mistake I have made by deleting the page from the home wall (the page still exists and it still works normally except of that...)in the first place and can I get the settings the way they where before ?" Please, help. -Josipa

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Have you tried this form yet? –  Andrew Lott Jul 23 '13 at 20:48
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