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I'm a big fan of the twat-o-tron at ifyoulikeitsomuchwhydontyougolivethere.com which produces fake crazy comments, along the lines of:

Oh god not this again!. I read in the Sun that Labour is denying our freedoms. All Englishmen should string them lal up. No doubt this is illegal under theeu human rights cat!

What_happened_to_my_country Welwyn Garden City

Are there any other similar automatic comment creators like this?

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Find some text (like a Wikipedia article) and enter it into the Markov Text Synthesizer.

For more information see Jeff Atwood's blog entry: Markov and You

In Finally, a Definition of Programming I Can Actually Understand I marvelled at particularly strange and wonderful comment left on this blog. Some commenters wondered if that comment was generated through Markov chains. I considered that, but I had a hard time imagining a text corpus input that could possibly produce output so profoundly weird.

There's also a Stack-App to generate similar spam from StackExchange content.

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