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I'm pretty new to JIRA and I would like to create a new "knowledge base" workflow and screens.

It should be tagged/categorized hierarchically.

I need only few fields on a screen:

  • Question
  • Answer
  • Attachments
  • Comments
  • Category
  • Tags
  • Created by, Create date etc.

The workflow/issue types are simple:

  • Resolved question
  • In-progress question

Thank you all.

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2 Answers

Atlassian company, creator of Jira, has another tool called Confluence for document management in wiki-style. This tool has a new feature to ask-answer questions.

Annoucement of Confluence Questions

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Search for "jira howto" or something similar. You will find a lot hits.

e.g. Beginner's guide to JIRA

First you should get familar with questions, answers and comments. After that you should try to customize your workflows to your needs and than you can create some dashboards to find the information you need.

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